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Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Today is Ida Johanssons birthday, the mother of our amazing Calle Johansson!!! Here is a text he wrote about her birthday! Happy birthday Ida!

Today, September 9th, is my mother’s birthday. I hope that you all would like to celebrate her birthday with me, and to celebrate the values my mother stood for. Please make this day a day when you care for others as a tribute to my mother’s cause in life.
All of you who have followed me these past 8 years know about the abuse my mother was facing and the work I have put in against her abuse and against elder abuse in general. Many of you already knew my mother, while others learnt to know her during this time. My mother always found a reason to be there for people in need. I hope that we all can learn from her. As I wrote last year:
“There is a big difference between those who see reasons to help others and those who search for reasons not to”.
While many people that she had helped throughout her life turned the back on her when she needed help the most, many of you around the world instead stepped forward. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to stand up against abuse. But it makes a difference. It makes a difference for the one being abused. And it makes a difference for the world.
Nothing meant more to my mother than the support she received from caring people around the world. She was grateful beyond words when she learnt that many of you had reported the abuse she was facing. You made her feel that she was a human and you gave her hope until the end.
Please celebrate my mother today and make this day a day when we care for others. A day when we show courage to defend those who can’t defend themselves making sure they all know that they are valuable and loved.
Happy Birthday Mom!”

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