Learn from a stellar lineup of teachers from all over the world and party untill your feet can not move anymore. Bring all your energy, your soul and your heart!

We are ready for you! Are you ready for us?

Here is the preliminary schedule:

  • PRE FESTIVAL (Sunday, April 8th -Wednesday, April 11th)
    Sunday, April 8th  – Set up party and tour of historic Gaddede (films, history lectures, cultural activities)

    • Monday, April 9th – Set up insanity, classes, dance parties and Brazilian Night
    • Tuesday, April 10th –  Set up fun, adventure and parade
    • Wednesday, April 11th – OMG! It’s finally Here breakfast/Lunch Aerobics
  • FESTIVAL  (Wednesday, April 11th to Sunday, April 15th)
    • Wednesday, April 11th DAY: Welcome Tour & Registration NIGHT:: Welcome Dance
    • Thursday, April 12th,  DAY: Classes; NIGHT: Cabaret plus Dance
    • Friday, April 13th,  DAY: Classes NIGHT: Movies, Lectures, Costume Party & Dance
    • Saturday, April 14th: DAY: Classes NIGHT: BIG BIG BIG SHOW & DANCE
    • Sunday, April 15th: DAY: AMAZING CHESTER WHITMORE WILDERNESS CLASS & ADVENTURE  Night: Farewell Dinner