About Gäddede

Gäddede is in the beautiful mountains of northern Sweden, right on the border to Norway. Gäddede is a small town in Jämtland, which has both the longest Canyon in Sweden: Hällingsafallet, as well as the longest cave in Sweden: Korallgrottan!

The nearest airport is in the city of Östersund, Sweden.

Gäddede is in the very far North of Sweden.

Gäddede is in the very far North of Sweden.

Gäddede Dance Center

The building is situated in the middle of the village, Storgatan 31, 830 90 Gäddede. Many of the workshops will take place here. It also offers space for the free accommodation.

In the first lindy event in the history of Gäddede Dance Center 30 participants lived in a small part of the house sharing only one shower bathroom!! Big praise to the participants of which not a single one complained! There is still work to be done but a lot of progress has been accomplished with plumbing, several showers, toilets and heating.

Gäddede has an asylum accomodation, and one of the plans for the house is that it can be a center were all the people in Gäddede can meet. A group of refugees has during the past few months offered to help with restoring the building, and has among other things improved and redecorated the grand attic room.

One activity plan is to create a gym section on the ground floor. We welcome all left over gym equipment that anyone wants to donate, big or small.

Don´t hesitate to bring:

 Decent gym equipment
– Furniture: chairs, sofas, tables, cushions etc.
– Cakes and goodies for the festival fikas!