Option 1 – FREE Accommodation 

Accommodation in the dance center is free. Bring your own sleeping bag and something to sleep on. There are a few airbeds, but not enough for a big crowd. The standard is not 5 star, but all the basics are there: heat, showers and toilets, a kitchen and quite a few rooms and corners to make yourself comfortable in.
Please bring your own:

  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • any other bedding of your preference
  • towel
  • Please make sure that you register so that we know to expect you!

Adress: Gäddede Dance Center, Storgatan 31, Gäddede.


Option 2 – Inexpensive Accommodation (amazing deal!)

Arnold’s parents have a lovely hotel and it will be available at a special price for festival participants! You only need to pay the cost of electricity and maintenance. For 5 days, Wednesday – Sunday, the total price is only 400 SEK – in total!!! Amazing! However, you should know that it’s a bit far; 35 km away.

It’s a bit inconvenient but it’s a beautiful place. If you are driving or can rent a car, this is a great choice. The price of 400 SEK includes the room, shower, sauna and breakfast. You would need to bring your own bedding and help out with cleaning but that’s it. Pretty awesome.

They can host more than 30 people at their hotel. Since it might be difficult to find room for everyone in the village and maybe not everyone will enjoy staying on the floor in primitive conditions, this is a great and beautiful option. To book this accommodation, please contact Arnold directly: Arnold Westberg +46706214140

Other Accommodation

If you prefer a higher standard, there is a hotel very close by called ”Pilgrimshotellet – South Lapland” where you can book a room, a cottage or a flat and also a camp site, ”Gäddede Camping & Stugby” with cottages and space for camper vans and trailers. It is quite a drive, but for people who are able to drive (or get lifts!!) and like a retreat to a picturesque environment, ”Jormliens Fjällgård” is an alternative.

  • Gäddede Camping – where you can rent a little hut/cabin and where one room with 4 beds will cost 600 SEK per night only! –
  • Jomliens Fjällgård – very personal small pension –
  • Pilgrimshotellet in Gäddede –


Down the road, a block away from Gäddede Dance Center, is a supermarket. They sell, well, supermarketstuff.

Arnold is going to repeat his great dead last year and cook all meals to the festival for free. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Gäddede Dance Center. He is still literally hunting for food and will probably need the help of happy volunteers to make everything work. One big challenge is to estimate how much food that will be needed, so please register as soon as you know that you will come.

There are also places to buy food nearby, such as ”Restaurang o Pizzeria Gäddede”, serving very good pizza and ”Storgatan 38 Kök-Café-Bar-Pizza Gäddede” with plenty to choose from.

Gäddede Camping and Restaurant
Storgatan 38 Pizzeria, Gäddede
Outback Bar & Restaurant at Pilgrimshotellet, Gäddede

If you have more questions, feel free to contact the
Gäddede Turistbyrå
Storgatan 40
830 90 Gäddede,
Tel: +46 (0)672 10500
Fax: +46 (0)672 412728