For our workshops in the Gäddede Dance Center, we have been able to win an amazing lineup. You can learn more about these fine people, excellent dancers and accomplished teachers by choosing in the top menu. Or, if you only need to see their names, this is it:

Chester Whitmore
Catrine Ljunggren
Elliott Donelly
Hasse Mattsson
Lorenz Ilg
Anja Schärer
Nico Speraggi
Malou Meyenhofer
Sakarias Larsson
Mimmi Gunnarsson
Fredrik Dahlberg
Sebastian Svensson
Robert Klingwall
Alexandra Alhimovich
Michael Darigol
Anders Sihlberg
Marie N’diaye
Pontus Spelmans
Lena Magnusson
Skye Humphries
My la Belle
Mikaela Hellsten
Calle Johansson
Josefin Andersson
Cecilia Ericzon
Francisco Nogueira
Milvia Bernasconi
David Dalmo
Jessica Lennartsson
Gaston “Gas” Fernández
Alba Mengual