Hasse and Marie are internationally recognized for their high energy, positive attitude and spirit as Lindy Hop dancers and instructors. Their classes emphasize the use of partner connection, musicality and technique. Energy and focus on fun are constant elements to every class.

This couple have a lot of teaching experience and they appear on the teaching line up for many established camps around the globe, including Herräng (Sweden), Lindy Shock (Hungary) and WoodHop Festival (Germany) just to mention a few. And they are also the co organizers of the Snowball.

Hasse and Marie live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. They have been dancing and competing together for many years. Today their main focus is social dancing but every once in a while you´ll still see them entering Jack n´Jills, Intergenerationals, lindy and balboa competitions – being very successful. They are doing their best to learn more about dancing and to spread their knowledge and passion for Swing dancing to others.