Michael Darigol has been dancing and performing in the swing dance community since 2003. Throughout the past 5 years his interest and dedication to lindy hop, jazz and blues has grown immensely and led “Dargoff” to competitions and events worldwide. With a clear passion and love for the dance he has volunteered his time to promote lindy hop locally, nationally and internationally, and serve as an organizer for multiple events. Since 2007, Dargoff has been teaching dance in the Seattle area. His instruction ranges from Lindy Hop and Charleston, to Solo Authentic Jazz, Blues and Balboa.

Dargoff’s first lindy hop lessons were at Swing Out Nowhere and he was fortunate enough to take classes from the one and only Frankie “Musclehead” Manning. Although he has spent a great deal of time and effort training and practicing, it’s regular social dancing that keeps his dancing tuned. While on the social floor, Dargoff displays passion, joy and silliness. If you’re not smiling, you’re not doing the lindy hop.