For our 2012 workshops in the Gäddede Dance Center, we were able to win an amazing lineup. For more information about the teachers, visit the teachers page.

We will provide the following levels:

Beginners: You have never danced Lindy Hop before and want to learn the basic steps. Swing Out, Lindy Circle, Charleston side-by-side, 6-counts will be the result of this weekend for you!

Intermediate: You have already danced some Lindy Hop and want to improve your dancing, learn more steps, wanna improve your lead and follow in order to enjoy your dancing to the fullest+

Advanced: You have been dancing at least 3 years intensively, you are almost an expert in  Lindy Hop, but the more you know, the more you understand, how little you know! So you want to improve and refine your dancing, pimp your basics in order to climb the olymp of Lindy Hop!

Master-classes (for teachers only!): You are an active Lindy Hop dance teacher and want to share your know how with other collegues. By sharing this, you will appreciate the inspiration you get from other active teachers, learn the – almost – last tricks in the dance and become like a magician or whiches for your dance students!

Youngster Class (under 15 years old): Of course you are welcome in any of our other levels, but in this youngster group, you will for sure be among your age group and not need to dance with grufties. We will move a lot, have a lot of fun and action together! We can almost promiss you going home after this weekend with a big smile on your face!

Costs/Price: We will keep prices low and are planning on 3 dance lessons a day and 2 parties (with shows and live bands) for the unbeatable only 1’000.- SEK per person!